Perfection in
every inch of our products

Perfection in
every inch of our products

ACE Series

The 1×4 vector pieces were applied for the front side to form pockets. The repetitive and organic expression given by the matrix attracts people’s attention and gives a sense of visual stability. As repetition is one of the most basic principles in formative principles of design, it can be considered as an element which can be easily engraved in people’s mind through visual continuity. This series was designed for users who are of a calm and dignified disposition.

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ARC Series

Based on such transcendental knowledge, efforts were made to symmetrically and asymmetrically express a different size of arcs. First of all, basic patterns were designed in symmetrical balance. Same shapes are repeated at same positions on both sides as if they face a mirror around a vertical axis at the center. Next, the originality of the ARC series is expressed in asymmetrical balance. This series was designed for users of liberal thought.

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FIX Series

The FIX series was created based on a truss structure which maintains balance through the connection of each unit. This series features hard units through combining various materials and lines organically that goes beyond the general concept of existing bags and integrated three-dimensional patterns. This series was very uniquely designed using lines with a proper combination of curves and straight lines.

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REX Series

The REX series, which is the high-quality premium line of COOD GEAR, is perfection of quality and technology. The company has adopted EXCELLA zippers which are the highest-grade new products of YKK, a global zipper brand, and are produced in Japan for all items of the REX series. Chic design of outer appearance and details connote a rational and urban feeling and the combination of metal ornaments in black and titanium tones evince luxuriousness.

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XIX Series

The XIX series, which was designed for downtown-type lifestyles, can be thought of as optimized items with a function of urban mobility aimed at fast storing and easy movement with the recent wide array of transportation means for individuals. Simple design and functions for downtown-type users and daily styles suitable for outdoor activities notably satisfy consumers with unique 3D patterns of COOD GEAR.

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NOX Series

It can be said that the NOX series using combat paneling felt from armor and shields as an inspiration is a symbol of strong men and an expression implying combat prowess. Such combat paneling is a design material frequently used as a motif of supercars and probably is a form well suited to active urban men. This series was designed for urban users who are active and dream of a future.

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NUT Series

The NUT series designed based on IoT began from a desire to make products to prevent loss or the theft of users’ precious IT devices. The NUT system of COOD GEAR installed in the products is linked to the smartphone. When the bag is lost, an alarm will ring and the Goggle map will find the final location of the bag. The outer design of the product gives a sense of stability with the combination of vertical and horizontal for harmony with formal dress.

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