COOD started as a functional and future-oriented backpack brand in 2006.
COOD is a compound word of cool & good.
COOD GEAR is currently devoted to substantiating the most functional and reasonable products based on its experience so far.
The identity of COOD GEAR is design that prioritizes innovation created from a schema acquired
by the COOD design team over a long period of time.
The company has introduced a new level of products under the conviction of “more progressed, more sensational and more practical.”
The company places emphasis on the emotional quality revealed in invisible small parts,
not goods of images packed with plausible explanations and exteriors.
The company pursues values transcending time and trends.

`Ubersexual’ meaning a man with strong masculine qualities and soft and refined manners is a compound word of ‘uver’
which is a German word meaning ‘over, transcending and the best’ and ‘sexual’ which is an English word meaning ‘sex.’
`Ubersexual’ symbolizes the highest masculinity surpassing the existing all men.
The core value of COOD GEAR is to pursue lifestyles of consumers with high ideals and faith,
and Good GEAR won’t stop moving forward to realize it.