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FIX 006

The FIX 006 model of unique design using cuts of straight lines and curves and three-dimensional patterns always has the same shape due to Atilon PE which is put into the entire bag. The pockets are made of soft materials to hold the Tablet PC, and the lower two pockets that can accommodate the smart phone and the auxiliary battery are designed to store goods faster. The inside of the main pocket has a zipper pocket for valuables, so it is easy to use and the shoulder tunnel has a tunnel that can be mounted on sunglasses. The back of the fabric was coated with PVC to maintain the longevity of the waterproof function.


Size 21 x 37 x 10cm   8 liters
Details Unique exterior design / Zipper pockets on both lower ends
Main pocket organizer / Pockets for storing a tablet PC
Wide space for 4-way storing / A functional tunnel for installing a pen or sunglasses

COOD started as a functional and future-oriented backpack brand in 2006.
COOD is a compound word of cool & good.
COOD GEAR is currently devoted to substantiating the most functional and reasonable products based on its experience so far.
The identity of COOD GEAR is design that prioritizes innovation created from a schema acquired by the COOD design team over a long period of time.
The company has introduced a new level of products under the conviction of “more progressed, more sensational and more practical.”
The company places emphasis on the emotional quality revealed in invisible small parts,
not goods of images packed with plausible explanations and exteriors.
The company pursues values transcending time and trends.